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Introduction of Acupuncture

Our Acupuncturist

Gigi Ge, R Ac.

Gigi 葛,注册针灸师。

Gigi Ge is a graduate of the renowned Tzu Chi International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine College in Vancouver,
where she completed a 4-year program at the Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine level.

She is a Registered Acupuncturist with CTCMA in BC, and also a member of the TCM & Acupuncture Association of BC.

Gigi毕业于温哥华著名的慈济国际中医学院,并在此完成了为期 4 年的中医师课程。她是BC省CTCMA的注册针灸师,也是BC省中医针灸协会的会员。

Gigi focuses mainly in pain disorders, emotional disorders and gynecological issues. She also helps patients with digestive problems and many others.
She utilizes a mix of Acupuncture, Tui Na, Cupping, Scraping, Scalp Acupuncture and Auricular Therapy.

Gigi 主要关注疼痛障碍、情绪障碍和妇科问题。她还帮助有消化问题的患者和其他疾病。她的治疗结合了针灸、推拿、拔罐、刮痧、头皮针和耳针疗法。

Gigi believes in the holistic wellness and balance. People have innate healing powers; the self-awareness and self-nourishment are incredibly important.
The combination of multiple treatments can help patients achieve optimal health. The Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment not only adjusts the physicality, but also works on the breath and the spirit.

Gigi 相信整体的健康和平衡。人们有与生俱来的自愈能力,恢复自我觉知和自我的滋养非常重要。多种治疗的结合可以帮助患者达到最佳健康状态。中医治疗不仅可以调理身体,还可以调理气息和精神状态。

Gigi originally comes from China, where she got the diploma of Acupuncture and Massage from the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine in 2012.
Then she followed in the footsteps of her Master to practice acupuncture and medical Qi Gong before she moved to Canada.


In her spare time, Gigi loves the outdoors, biking, hiking, and trail running. For relaxation, she loves to read with music, gardening, watch movies and cook Chinese food with family and friends.

在业余时间,Gigi 喜欢户外活动、骑车、远足和越野跑。作为休闲,她喜欢读书听音乐、园艺、看电影,与家人和朋友一起做中国菜。

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