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Post Extraction Wound Care

1. BITE ON GAUZE FOR 1/2 HR. - Keep fingers and tongue from socket or wound site.

2. Do not rinse mouth for 8 hours, although it is permissible to drink lukewarm or cool liquids immediately.

3. Mouthwashes and rinses are advisable, particularly after meals, commencing the following day, provided no bleeding is evident.

4. BLEEDING - It is normal for the saliva to be lightly streaked with blood for about one day. If definite bleeding is present,
fold provided gauze into a firm wad and place directly over wound site and maintain steady pressure for twenty minutes or longer.
Do not cough or spit vigorously, or chew the gauze.

5. SWELLING - Swelling is to be expected in certain cases often reaching its maximum in about 48 hours, then disappearing
in a further 2 to 3 days. An ice bag may be applied, however this is only necessary if it is found to relieve discomfort.
There is no need to remain indoors, avoid drafts, or cover the swelling.

6. Take prescription as advised.

7. DIET - Cold or lukewarm liquids may be taken for the first 6-8 hours. After this any soft food is permissible.

8. DISCOLOURATION - A bruising of the skin occasionally occurs and disappears spontaneously in approximately a week.
It is of no importance and no treatment is necessary.

9. EMERGENCIES - Do not hesitate to call the Dentist at any time if in doubt regarding instructions or if any other problems